This has been some spiritual weekend.

It stared out with me reading Steven Pressfield’s book The War Of Art, which opened my eyes to so many things in my life that needed changing that I pledge to keep his book on my desk next to me as further reference and life guide for the future. After reading a few lines, at once I was breathing freer, my mind was clearer and I was stiller.
I found that I could concentrate more, make my way through the pathway of clutter that imbedded my brain. It was easier going for me now. All this to say that it culminated in this weekend’s spiritual awakening. At least that’s what I call it, the freeing of the mind and the opening of the…third eye?
Whatever it is, it let in the information that I needed to continue or start again to be what I know I truly am supposed to be.
An artist.

There, I’ve said.




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