Writing podcasts…cont…

I’ve come across some more really great writing podcasts in the last few weeks. These are short in their delivery and precise in their message.

First up is:

Writing Excuses


Each episode is fifteen minutes long because, as they say ‘you’re in a hurry and they’re not that smart’.
From what I can gather, the podcast is done by four people but the individuals seem to be interchangeable from time to time.
It’s a great podcast, definitely one of my new favourites. The episodes are short and full of great information that I find so useful.
To listen to an episode go to the ‘Archive’ tab on the left. Once on the page you will see at the top that they have been at this for a long time, nine seasons to be exact!
But, lucky for us, you can go all the way back and listen to back episodes with no problems.
Except one.
I, personally, couldn’t find a way to download the episode that I wanted to my iTunes library. When you press the ‘download’ icon what it does is open up a new black screened page with the audio player in the centre of it and lets loose with the episode.
Still, if you can save the page then you will still have all of these episodes at your disposal, any time you want it.

Next up:

All Write Already


As they say it’s a ‘completely unpretentious literary podcast’.
It’s run by two people who come interview a bunch of people from novelists to essayist to successful bloggers.
Their podcast comes across breezy and easy, like a smoothly running stream, you’re just carried along for the ride,and it’s a very comfortable ride. You enjoy every minute of the interviews, which, as with my other favourite podcasts, come across as more conversations than question-answer-period.
Each episode runs about half hour to an hour so you have a good long time with the hosts and whomever they’re talking to that week.
I have to admit, with each of my favourites an hour just doesn’t seem long enough…

I hope you partake of either of these podcasts and find something in them that helps you in your creative writing endeavour.

And also, enjoy.


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