In the name of getting all the help I can get with my writing I’ve taken to listening to quite a few podcasts lately. 

My favorite ones are Book Riot, and Literary Disco. Their shows are not so much centred on the craft of writing as they are shows about the love of reading and books in general (including ibooks, which I have a very deep disdain for-but, that’s a post for another day.)


If you remember the show Boy Meets World then you will remember the actor Rider Strong as the guy who played Ben Savage’s character, Cory Matthew’s best friend Shawn Hunter.

Rider is an intelligent guy and incredibly book smart. He hosts the show with two other people, friends of his from Graduate school, author and essayist Julia Pistell and author Tod Goldberg.

The show is very entertaining with the quick bater of the three hosts. The show generally has three segments and, the subjects they cover in these changes with each show they air, which helps break up the program’s monotony, in my opinion.


Book Riot is my next favorite, again, this one also has to do with books-ebooks, to be exact. If you can get past this then I suggest that you do. The two hosts, Jeff and Rebecca both work in the publishing business and are avid readers and are madly in love with e-readers. Their shows consist of them discussing all the new happenings in the publishing world, from the ongoing drama of what is taking place around author, Harper Lee to what new shenanigans Amazon is getting up to.

It is very enlightening. I had no idea there was so much taking place in the book world.

Akin to and, affiliated with Book Riot if a new show call Dear Book Nerd.


As it states on their iTunes page they are a ‘bookish advice show that answers your questions about love, life and literature’. Both shows introduces you to new books and also recommends great reads for you to take up.

You can get both shows in Apple’s iTunes.

I’ve also gotten into listening to A World of Storytelling Radio, a show where people tell stories. 

As I couldn’t find their website this is their facebook page.


There is, also, something called The Moth, another show where you can hear some great audio stories being told. 


Unlike A World of Storytelling, you can download this in podcasts form.

In some way or another these shows help me in my writing. I love to hear what these authors have come up with, how they put their sentences together, how they form words into sweet, sweet music to make my ears weep with jealousy.

I feel as though I am still new in my writing, despite having been at it since I was a child-barring a large gap in the middle of my life where I, pretty much, abandoned my writing and am only now trying to get back to it-I feel that any help I could get can only help me get better in my craft and, at this stage in my writing life, I’m not afraid to reach out to it.







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